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What do website maintenance services include?

As a part of our website maintenance services, your company receives access to the following:

  • Regular updates
  • Consulting  & Tech support
  • WordPress maintenance
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Regular updates

With regular updates, which happen during business hours, our team of developers keeps your website functional and secure for users. Whether you’re looking to feature new images, delete page copy, or modify a link, our website maintenance services offer what you would like .

For a fast summary, here are some samples of updates included in our packages:

  • Text: Additions or deletions.
  • Photos: Additions, deletions, and basic retouching.
  • Pages: Additions or deletions using existing page design.
  • Navigation: Basic navigational changes (add, move, or delete an item within the navigation).
  • File downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents.
  • Videos: Insertion or deletion of a pre-edited video.
  • Links: Additions or deletions.
  • Color and background images: Changes or replacements.

If you’ve got questions on regular updates, be happy to contact us online for more information.

  • This is an example of services included within the website maintenance plans and isn’t an entire list.

COnsulting & Tech support

As an area of our website maintenance . With the expertise of our development team, your business can get help with a selection of challenges, like fixing technical issues of cms and other platforms.
In addition to tech support, your company can also submit a consulting request as an area of your website maintenance services. Whether you’ve questions on creating a replacement contact form or adding a replacement page to your navigation, our talented team can provide your business with a helpful perspective.

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WordPress maintenance

Many businesses use WordPress as their CMS, which is why our website maintenance plans include WordPress support. As an area of your package, our team takes care of WordPress upgrades and security patches for your company.

Secure your site Show visitors you are trustworthy

Some sorts of SSL certificates like organization SSL or extended validation SSL add a further layer of credibility because the visitor can see your organization’s details and know that you’re a legitimate entity.